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"Sometimes you just need to change your altitude." 


Fade In: 


In March 2020, Summit Pointe Productions, LLC was founded with blessings from above. 

Finally, the distant dream of owning and operating a documentary and production company 

became a reality. 


In that short period, we have demonstrated our excellence 

with video, media, design, and copywriting 

in Little Rock, the state, the region, and the country.


Our work has been exhibited in national television commercials,

been featured on Good Morning America,

 and we have provided a variety of support on motion pictures 

in the Hollywood and Indie Film scene. 

At Summit Pointe, we understand the value of growth 

and how it lays the foundation for future success. 

Whether it is a prairie or a mountain, they are traversed the same. 

One foot in front of the other.

 We do this with our business by acquiring top-tier talent, 

expanding our connections, constant educational training, refining, 

and ultimately never being afraid 

to reach for new heights.

So, whether your business only requires 

a simple script, complete videography, or an educational campaign 

we are ready to complete the mission. 

No matter the Summit, we will get you to your Pointe.  

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